Monday, November 26, 2012

Close to Perfect Friends

Top from Mango | Jeans from Levi's | Envelope clutch from Bubbles 
Neon pink spiked bracelet from Dollhouse Shoppe | Murano glass bangle from Italy | 
Two-toned bracelet from Girl shoppe Greenhills | Scarf from China | Wedges from Celine

This was my outfit during a night out at The Fort with my girls and their better halves just a few months ago (obviously, one of my back blogs oops!). Took my outfit shots right before leaving the house while the sun was still up because I knew that the sky would already turn dark upon reaching our destination. During that day, I felt the urge of accessorizing thus I chose to have this laid back outfit and tried out my creativity when it comes to accessorizing. I went all matchy matchy with my bag and accessories. Such a good timing when I received this envelope clutch from Bubbles! I was so excited to use it :) Did I pull it off well? hihi And since my girlfriends were both tall, I needed to wear a pair of heels to at least add a little height on me *cries* haha 

Meet my pretty girlfriends! Danika and Camille :) They were my very good friends way back in high school and of course until now and forever! cheesballs :p Nothing has changed, except that we're prettier and more mature now and they have their boylets! I still have none so yeah nothing has really changed at least for me haha went to The Fort all together, courtesy of Camille's boyfriend, Philip. Thanks for the ride :) It was also a meet and greet day with Danika's new boy, Bryan. While waiting, we strolled around to find a place to eat. We were torned between eating pizza at Nolita or steaks at Village Tavern. Since we all can't decide and everybody's hungry like a beast, we ended up eating at Zao, a vietnamese restaurant :) 

Fresh spring rolls

 Salt and pepper squid

 Shrimp cakes

 Zao Friend Rice

Barbecue Spareribs

 Water Spinach

Honey Glazed Chicken

And since we were all so hungry, we ate the foods real quick! The foods were so so, good enough. Nothing really special compared to others. We were expecting more! And right after dinner, we went strolling around, took pictures and thought of having desserts at Slice and Jamba Juice. It was my first time to try their drinks! heaven <3

 Double date! I'm their photographer *cries* haha kiddin'! :p

 Sweetest couple ever! Witnessed their love story from start :)

 Couple No. 2 :) Nice meeting you, Bryan!

 Red velvet, Danika's forever favorite :)

 tried out their Turtle Pie, shared with Camille :)

 Coffee for Bryan

Jamba Juice for Philip, Camille and I :) 

Got this file from Jamba Juice, I don't know why it turned out pixelated. Anyway, just a remembrance for us, my first try on Jamba's berry bitten :) 

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