Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lady Santa

I was trying to do a poker face. Trying hard :))

Excuse me for my  "pacute" poses teehee!

Red dress from SM GTW | Thrifted necklace | 
Belt from SM accessories (WWW) | Wedges from Melissa

It is already in the Chinese culture that red hues signifies happiness and prosperity. During festivities, family members and friends in the circle prefer wearing red clothes especially on grand celebrations such as New Year, birthdays of the elderly (grandfather, grandmother) etc. It is not mandatory as I've mentioned earlier (just preferred) but as a Chinese it comes automatically that when a family member celebrates his/her birthday, we all wear red clothes or at least of the same shade if you really don't have one. 

Last Monday, we celebrated my grandma's 92nd birthday :) Imagine, at this age, she's still very very strong *knock on wood*, alive and kicking! Indeed a strong woman. Anyway, so much for my fun facts, that little red dress that I got from SM GTW was perfect for the celebration. Wonder why my title goes "Lady Santa"? Well, when I got all set and ready to party, I noticed that I really did look like a Lady Santa. Agree? With the solid red hue of the dress plus the belt (that looked like Santa's belt). Didn't accessorize much since it was just a house party.

And as usual, the one who took my photos was my cute, handsome (sipsip lang :p) little brother :) And since I can't help not to take at least few shots on my ootn, went outside the house for the shoot. It was already night time, the sky's all dark and what's left was the warm street lights so excuse me for the poor red color detail of my dress. But I was really wearing a red dress (defensive much) as seen on the photo above! haha That's all for now, more photos on a separate post :)

Petite chic,
Pam :*

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