Monday, September 17, 2012

Rainbow after the Rain

Yay! As promised :) How have you been doing for the past days? Hope you guys are okay and safe. Boo! for the bed weather. Noticed my title? Indeed, after those stormy days or rather experiences, time would come that a rainbow will shine and everything would come your way. Just keep hoping and have faith :) 

Neon Pink Sheer Top from a bazaar, Floral printed shorts from Bayo

Since yesterday was so gloomy, i didn't like to cooperate with the weather so i opted to wear something bright and colorful. I wore something comfy and effortless since we'll just be visiting my grandma and we won't be going anywhere after. Also, I want a positive and happy vibes the whole day since it was my mom's post birthday celebration. 

I had this neon green shutter shades necklace for a long time now, didn't had the guts to wear it because of its striking color until neon colors became on trend that I got to wear it :) I still can't get over neons, so here! a wacky pose for you.

Flip-flops from Ipanema

Wore these rubber flats since we had to walk on the wet roads, and footwears made of rubber are easier and less hassle to dry. Btw, don't mind me feet! Just the fitflops and the nail  art HAHA

Shutter shades necklace from American Boulevard, Bangle from SM Accessories, Owl Rings (gift from my sweet cousin, Kim)

My neon accessories of the day! Sorry for the late reaction, but I still really can't get over neons :)

So as mentioned, went to grandma's place to celebrate mom's birthday. Cooked pata tim, friend shrimp, two different recipes for the crab, one is salt and pepper and the other one was the secret recipe of our grandpa. Happy tummy for everyone! Nomnom :)

Credits to my lil bro for always taking photos of me :)

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Til' my next blog, see you! xoxo

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