Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sisterly Love

Hello lovies! :) After so many sleepless nights, arguing with myself whether or not I should push through with my blog, FINALLY! I've made up my mind :P Maybe, just maybe, I could already sleep soundly tonight (or maybe not coz I don't really know if you'd enjoy reading my blog *fingers crossed*). To my fellow bloggers: have you felt the same way when you started your blog? So much for my blah blah blah...

Anyway, let's get into business. My outfit of the day (or better known as OOTD). Thinking of starting my blog, I've already thought of what outfit to wear the night before haha! yes, i'm prepared! Excited yet nervous at the same time as I've mentioned I'm not sure if my blog would click so I tried my best to really prep for this.

"Sisterly Love"-ing with this blog post, you'll know why :) The perks of having a big sister?
  1. I get to share with her things (when she was still working here in Manila!)
  2. I get to be dressed up like a Barbie doll! But too bad, she had to be destined abroad for her work so when she left, she brought almost everything with her. Believe it or not, my cabinet was almost empty so I had a very hard time dealing with my fashion sense coz back then I was so not into being trendy. 
  3. I get to receive all her hand-me-down clothes! SHE SPLURGES, I SAVE HAHA
My ootd was a little bit dull so i put this detachable collar (with pearls all over) accent, arm and finger accessories and wore studded fitflops :)  Thanks to my sister who did a big part on building my confidence when it comes to dressing up. (isn't it obvious?)

Talk about hand-me-down clothes, this top from H&M and mullet skirt from uhh, not sure where she bought it,are both from my sister (get what I'm saying? PERKS hihi)

                              Arm candies both given as a gift, and the rings got them from a bazaar :)

 Detachable Collar from Seventh Street (been eyeing to have this for so long!)

Hand-me-down bag from my sister AGAIN! haha sorry

So yes, got really vain before leaving the house. You can see, at first I thought of wearing silver fitflops with studs to add a little height on me and I get these comments like "Are you going to a party?" "Why are you wearing those clothes" I am like uhh! fine, changed my footwear to flats (next time, I should not be affected about their comments, i'm petite so i have to look tall all the time! haha)  and guess who gave it to me? YEAH RIGHT, sister :)) as an advance birthday gift to me! yay :)

 Gold flats from Melissa

 Fitflops on sale! upto 50% off until September 16 only. Accompanied mom to buy her new pair of fitflops at Res-Toe-Run, The Podium.

Passed by a magazine stand, LOOK! who caught my attention. My favorite fashion bloggers on the cover of Preview's Sept Issue! Got really excited and bought it. teehee :) I really love taking photos of my outfit but never really had the guts to blog about it maybe because I'm just not into writing, but I realized that blogging's not about how well you can write but more on inspiring people by sharing them the same passion/thoughts when in comes to FASHOWN :) And these ladies on the cover? They inspired me a lot :)

While waiting for my brother to meet us at the mall and have dinner (char lang!) :) But after minutes of waiting, called him up, asked where he is and told us he's still in Roxas Blvd. so we've decided to just meet him halfway (don't deny! you sang it eh? hahaha) Ended up having our healthy dinner at Gloria Maris. 
Gloria Maris' hotpot is just to looooveee. Had a happy tummy! :)

Til' my next blog! Credits to my lil bro for taking these photos of me :D
Hype this look on Lookbook! :)

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