Friday, September 28, 2012

Rajo! for Milanos / Rajo! for Parisian

It was indeed a pleasure being able to attend the launching of the Rajo! for SM Milanos premiere collection and Rajo! for SM Parisian 2nd collection last Tuesday (September 25,2012) at the SMX Convention Center. I was pretty excited and nervous at the same time since this is the very first time I'm attending such event as a newbie in the blogosphere.

Bloggers, celebrities and guests were all gathered at the Function Room 5 of the SMX. Photobooth, cocktail drinks, a few finger foods and lots of paparazzi shots (chos HAHA) greeted us upon entering the hall.

Photobooth :)

Look who's setting the crowds mood :"> DJ CALLUM IN THE HOUSE!

Presenting the fashion crowd (adults, young adults, and saw a kid too but weren't able to take photo of her) :) 

With my highschool friend Phya of Pretty Ingenious who invited me over to this event and yeah! Got myself on the guestlist because of her. Thanks Phya! Just before the launch officially started, we were wondering where exactly will it be held since we couldn't see any runway. 

Phya with his blogger friend, Michael Macalos :) Nice meeting you Michael! and congrats for winning the Rajo! for Milanos contest :)

Just as the strong drum beats started, a signal that the event was yes about to start, we all rushed towards the loud beats thinking that models would just walk around us.

But little did we know that another door would be opened for everyone, where the runway is actually located.

Opening dance number from these ninjas! Hiya! :))

 Host of the night, Raymond Guttierez with his Japanese-inspired look.

Mr. Eugene Saw, Vice-President of SM shoes department, delivering his welcoming remarks

Teaser :)

The crowd and photographers getting ready with their cameras. I admit, it's pretty hard to take photos of the models since they're moving a little bit faster than my camera's shutter speed. haha

Rajo Laurel's neo-samurais :)

and Rajo Laurel's geishas :) 

And to wrap it up, the man behind these creative shoe collection, the very much thankful and overwhelmed Rajo Laurel:)

Rajo Laurel himself :) Who would have thought that a famous designer, locally and internationally, would still feel nervous, thinking that nobody might attend to his events like this. Rajo! for being so humble :)

the launching didn't stop there, Rajo Laurel wanted the crowd to experience what we've seen on the runway that's why he surprised everyone by opening another door! lead us to his shoe collections where we could actually bring home our own pairs of shoes before they come out on department stores :) He understands our feelings haha but too bad weren't able to get one for myself.

A closer look on Rajo Laurel's geishas :)

Rajo! For Parisian :)

Been eyeing on that pair on the lower right <3 

Rajo! For Milanos :)

Piles of boxes, together with the people trying on Rajo's new collection! :)

Certified :)

 My heart just melted, with Divine Lee :) SO PRETTY!

My friend phya with the bloggers David Guison and Seph Cham, the better half of Shai Lagarde from lovechic :)

The man behind all of these being interviewed :) Proud Pinoy!

Cosplayers? with Phya :) OOTN! in fairness, they're one with the theme :)

Phya and I, having the feel on the runway and that revolving thing on the side during the launch. HAHA! who're amazed? US! :))

I was suppose to get an invitation like this from my friend, Raissa Chua. But too bad weren't able to drop by her house the day before she left for Davao. Thanks anyway Rai! for the invite :)

Hoping to have more of runway experiences on October! UP NEXT PFW :) can't wait <3

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