Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My No Typical Weekend

How'd your October started so far? :) Hope everything went well for all of you. Mine? Not a typical start of the month since parents are away for 2 weeks to give my sister a visit in Germany. I'm not used to it (clingy much? haha) Only my two brothers and I are left at home and since I still haven't gone to work, I'm usually left alone during the morning til afternoon unless I have something to do that requires me leaving the house. Like a boss/bummer?! Haha Kiddin' aside,while for the past 2 days, I accompanied my lil brother in going to school since our driver wasn't able to report for work due to him not feeling well. So much of how my October started, I just want to share to you my look last Sunday, who would have thought that wearing jeans could be so chic? Just make sure to pair it with a nice top and HEELS to make it look more fab :) Had dinner at Yakimix, podium in celebration of my uncle and auntie's birthday (yeah! They're September babies as well) :)

Here are the photos taken by my lil bro! He loves me so much that every time I ask him a favor to take photos of me, at first he wouldn't agree but after having a little sweet talking over him, tada!! :P Oh and btw, last Sunday was a bit different coz I wanted to have my photos taken on the road but he preferred having my photos taken on the rooftop instead (too lazy to walk down the road). I had no choice but to agree with him or else! No photos which means no blog update as well :( haha So just pardon my the not-so-ideal background. Anyway my purpose is to let you see my outfit, not the background, not even my face :))

First shot! <3 Actually, after some arguments with myself I made up my mind and had to change my footwear to this gold flats (the one I wore on my very first blogpost) knowing that I would just be killing my feet wearing this pumps during our buffet dinner (Imagine walking with heels,except wedges of course, to-from-to the buffet and dinner table, wouldn't your feet hurt? I can feel the pain just by imagining it. haha). Besides, I want to enjoy my dinner :P sorry for that!

LV-inspired eyelet top from Adah Belle :)
Aren't the collar tips and the see through details of the top so lovely? 

Two-toned envelope bag from Cotton On at the Mall of Asia
Nude Bracelet and Ring with stones from H&M (gift from my sister), Gold lead ring from Seventh Street
Glimmer gold pumps from Trunk Show

Got this pair on a Buy 1 Get 1 Free promo! Chose the same style with different color for my free pair. Can't wait to wear them and blog about them soon! Stay tuned :) 

Check out their site: Trunk Show! Promo is applicable online only and was suppose to end on September 30 but good news they extended it until October 7. So for those shoe lovers out there. Grab yours now! They have the best service as well, ordered the night before, paid the next morning and got my items that same day! How's that? :) 

Wait,there's more! Another giveaway is up from them! How generous could they get? :) Please follow and like my photo on instagram @pamjayne for me to win *crossed fingers* :) You can join too, just follow the steps above :) 

See you til my next blog! :* 


  1. I love your style, I just saw your blog from Chicisimo and I liked it too so I'm following you!
    And well, you're lucky to have a brother that makes pics to you, many times I have to use the automatic thingie of the camera xD

    1. Aww:"> thanks a lot Harirari! Nice compliment from you,that really made my day:)

  2. I like your top! ♥
    BTW, I'm having a giveaway. Feel free to join. It's open to Philippine residents. Win clothes and a satchel. Have a happy weekend! :)