Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 2: Tour around Quanzhou

First stop: Kaiyuan Temple

 Kaiyuan Temple, the largest temple of the Fujian Province. "One of the most interesting sites of this ancient port, the temple, first constructed in 686, was originally named the Lotus Flower Temple. The temple was later renamed several times until finally in 738, the Tang Emperor Xuan Zong, a devout Buddhist, ordered every large town in China to name one of its temples Kaiyuan, the title of his reign. The temple has since been known as Kaiyuan Temple."

took a photo with the daughter of our group leader :)

 a perfect moment for bonding with ahya :)

                  Funny :)) photo bomber uncle doing his exercise with eyes closed HAHA

 met new friends :) L-R: Janica, Jennifer (roommate), yours truly and Sheree :)

 Next stop: China Museum for Fujian-Taiwan Kinship

 horizon :)

L-R: Janica, Marvin and Jen-Jen

A national museum established in 2004, explains the historical relationship between the mainland province of Fujian and the island of Taiwan. Also, serves as a national education base for youngsters. The museum has seven exhibit halls which tells the geographical, historical, cultural and commercial relationship between Fujian and Taiwan. 

In the front atrium of the museum lies this huge tree painting which was made partly by exploding gun powder. Beautiful and unique! Cheers to the person/persons? who did this! 

Saw this when I got out of the museum! So cute :) We have to have this in the Philippines so that whoever passes by wouldn't resist throwing their wastes on its proper place. What do you think? Good idea?

photo by Janica Buera 
Spot me! :p

 Went straight ahead to the Shao Lin Shi, a private school in China, to watch the students do various chinese martial arts (kung fu, wu shu and muay thai )
 These kids were so disciplined. They were sitting up straight, feet on the ground and they clap in chorus.

They were so great that I wanted to learn martial arts too HAHA

photo by Janica Buera
Spot me again! :p

Last stop: Luo Yang Bridge

One of the most famous bridges of Quanzhou, together with Anping and Dongguan Bridge. 

The very down-to-earth, Mr. Wilson Flores-Lee, columnist of the Philippine Star newspaper :) It was a pleasure and a great opportunity meeting him in person.

The background statue is Cai Xiang, the ruler who had Luoyang bridge, the first stone bridge, built across the mouth of the river of Luoyang.

Had a formal dinner with our heads and presented a quick sing and dance program :)

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