Wednesday, November 7, 2012


So you'll probably hate me for not updating my blog for a long time now (thus the title). *scolds self as well* Just got back from a 5-day trip to China. So to make it up to you guys, let me take you to the places we've been to during our stay. Still can't believe that we survived this trip touring around 3 cities in the Fujian Province (Quanzhou, Fuzhou and Xiamen). It was tiring thou (transferring to 3 different hotels) yet fun and memorable at the same time since we got to meet new friends. 

Day 1 was basically a rest day for us coz we arrived at Xiamen Airport at around 5pm already. Headed to the bus, did a head count and waited a few more minutes for the head count tally. And so as to kill time, I asked my bro to take few of my outfit shots.  

Meet my big brother/personal photographer in China. Emphasis on China since I got different photographer here in Manila (perks of having 2 brothers) haha I admit I was a bit hesitant to ask him to take every detail of my outfit. Weren't able to ask him to take close-up shot on my shoes and accessories. Proofs below :p 

Since I heard that the weather in China was cool and I didn't want to freeze in cold, I opted to wear pants and long sleeves (just folded it).

Top from Terranova | Pants from Levi's 

Longchamp shoulder bag/hand bag | thrifted bracelets | watch from Guess | 
DIY necklace from my uncle | flats from Melissa | 

full view of the bridge-undersea tunnel from Google Images

It took us 2 hours to reach the hotel in Quanzhou (forgot the name), passed thru China's longest undersea tunnel, around 10.8km long, worth 6 billion yuan. 

upon reaching the hotel, we took a sumptuous dinner before giving our room assignments :)

Room views :)

 Sneak peak on Day 2 :) took a photo at the hotel lobby, getting ready to tour around Quanzhou and transfer to another hotel in Fuzhou :)

Sorry weren't able to adjust the lighting.

Days 2-5 to follow :) stay tuned!


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