Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 3: Fuzhou, China

Visited some tourist attractions in Fuzhou, one of which is the Lin Zeshu Memorial Hall

"Lin Zexu (1785-1850), a native of Fuzhou City, was a national hero in modern times. Since childhood, his diligence led to his success to become a candidate in the imperial examination. In his forty years’ career as an official, he obtained great achievements, such as the reduction of crop taxes, harness of the Yellow River, the build-up of the coast defense and stationing troops to reclaim wasteland." 

 Spot the photo bomber Jen:)) I've mentioned her on my previous posts, she speaks mandarin really really really well that she inspired/motivated me to strive even more to learn and practice my mandarin language. 

 with my super sweet brother :)

 "The most outstanding of Lin Zeshu's deed was his resolute elimination of the opium trade in 1939, when he was acting as an imperial envoy to Guangdong on the mission, and had 1,185,000 kilograms of opium destroyed at Humen beach, thus greatly inspiring the Chinese people throughout the country and fiercely discouraging the American and English opium traders."

lin Zeshu's clothing 

streets of Fuzhou
Dried uhm, lizard? (not sure what creature are those on top) and seahorse as chinese medicine.

 saw this cute little chinese boy throwing coins in the wishing well

Proceeded to the Chongwu ancient city after visiting the memorial hall. Chongwu Ancient City is a special tourist attraction which gathers coastal scenery, historical relics and folk custom together. It is the only well-preserved stone city in China. 

went up to take photos with Buddha
White and black cat. I should be the white one haha

 Fresh air and clean waters of Fuzhou

 Bro: Gusto ko magpicture dun sa bench for profile pic HAHAHA *vain*

Mas magaling pa siya magpose kaysa sakin </3 HAHAHA

 another 3-hour ride to Xiamen, stop over at a coffee shop for 15 minutes then headed to the hotel.

 Stayed here for our last 2 nights :)

 Our really nice room :)

Night lights :)

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