Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 4: Xiamen, China

"Tulou, meaning earth building (Hakka Villages), is the most extraordinary type of Chinese Hakka's rural dwellings in the mountainous areas of Fujian, in south China. Escaping from the war and disaster, the Hakka were originally moved there from northern China since 12th century. They settled down in Fujian province and developed groups and groups of the unique earth building between the 12th to the 20th centuries."

 Top view :)
"A Tulou is usually a large, enclosed and fortified earth building. With a round or square configuration, it is designed as a solid fortress for the Hakkas' living and safety in the area of undesirable mountains. The building, usually from three to five stories, is constructed by very thick load-bearing rammed earth walls. The outer walls are formed by compacting earth with stone, bamboo pieces, wood block and other readily-available materials and are thick up to six feet (≈2m). The reinforced outer structure are protective for wind and  earthquake and make a well-ventilated environment cool in summer and in winter."

photo by Janica Buera

Instant calorie burn with these cool guys! It was a struggle going up and down just to see the hakka village.  Haha 

 People from Hakka Village get their water from the well! Tried drinking it, it was cold and refreshing :)

 She invited us for a tea drink. Warm and hospitable :)

People from Hakka village harvest and sell their own planted tea leaves 

 Such a huge and healthy chicken!

 Spot the ugly duckling! haha

Got spare time to walk around the famous night market in Xiamen - Zhong Shan Lu :)

 yummy yummy mango ice craze :)

Strawberry coated with caramelized sugar :) Famous street food :)

 Food tripping with these lovely ladies :)

 spotted Chatime and Bench Body in China. ohhh Jake Cuenca!

Night market closes at 11pm sooo after walking around, went back to the hotel to take a rest. Knock out from a whole day walk. 

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