Monday, November 12, 2012

Pink A Boo

Here's what I wore on Day 3 of our trip that I posted here :) Weren't able to take much of my outfit for 5 straight days since we were with a group, we couldn't just stop and stay on one place just to take my outfit shots, we might get lost haha

I might not really used to wearing skirts as my casual outfit, I fear about the peek-a-boo / pink (skirt) -a-boo scenario (if you get what I mean haha), not until I started my blog that somehow I'm becoming a little more daring and confident of the clothes that I wear. Best remedy to that problem is to wear inner shorts, just like what I did. My outfit for 5 days were all set and planned so that I wouldn't have any problem thinking of what to wear for the next few days. I guess printed tops would always go best with plain bottoms and vice versa and of course on how well you mix and match colors. I admit I'm still hesitant on mixing bold colors and prints, so pardon me for that usual or common outfit that I am posting here. I'm working on it, expect to have a bolder and louder outfits next time. I need more time to build my confidence. hihi

I wore these white sneakers from Keds since I knew that we would be walking around the whole day. I want my feet to feel relaxed :)

Oops! I'm not yet ready.

Top from Topshop | Pleated skirt from Landmark (bought by my friend Cha) | 
Longchamp Bag | sneakers from Keds | Murano glass necklace (gift from my sister) from Italy | 
Thrifted bangle | Guess Watch

Petite Chic, Pam :)

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