Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Butterflies on Florals

Before my back blogs continue to pile up, I better yet share off a few of my most recent outfit shots :)

Top from My Oopsy Daisy, I was one of the lucky winners of the Tiny Baubles x My Oopsy Daisy Giveaway  last October :) Thank you!

Used it as a cover up on my LBD from Topshop, I didn't want to have the shoulder cut-out effect so I decided to pull the shoulder portion up and since it was a bit loose on me I tied a knot give a smaller and more fitted illusion. I love the soft material/silky texture of the top that it made move comfortably :)

Red pouch from Sm accessories

Murano glass necklace that I've worn here and here

Red beads bracelet (giveaway from my adorable god daughter Delta's 1st birthday), other two bracelets thrifted from Greenhills and the ring (gift from my friend Ronnah)

Floral wedge from Primadonna

I love how the butterflies on my top complemented my floral shoes :)
P.S. Since my personal photographer/ lil bro didn't come with us, I had to take outfit shots right before leaving the house. haha 

My aunt came back from Taiwan the other day so last night we invited her to a have dinner with us:) We wanted her to taste something different from the usual Chinese/Taiwanese cuisine so we decided to bring her to Uncle Cheffy. Actually, we were all first timers here haha! We didn't really have any idea of the foods that they serve until a recommendation from my aunt's friend brought us here.      

 Menu with leather covering :)

 Oops! forgot the name of this salad :/

 Uncle Cheffy's house specialty: Brick-Oven Panizza :) We ordered Larry's Craving (Smoked salmon, escargot, shiitake mushroom, chili flakes, onion and 3 cheese) This panizza is a whole lot different from the usual slice, pick-up and eat pizza that we've came across with. See the garnish (arugula leaves, diced tomatoes and alfalfa) on the side? They play a big role in order to fully enjoy the pizza. You have to top the pizza with the veggie garnish and roll it. 

Like this! Tada:) 

 Thai Style Fried Pla-Pla

 Memphis BBQ US Beef Rib Finger

 Garlic Durong Rice

 Crispy pata, since it is my aunt's (from Taiwan) favorite,it will never be out of the choice. Every time she comes back, she would order this (speak about satisfying her craving :p)

 That's my aunt from Taiwan wearing a dark blue shirt sitting beside my grandma :)

Took a few photos of the interior

Overall, we had a sumptuous Italian/Filipino/Thai style dinner! Indeed a global cuisine :) It's a must try, will definitely visit again.

Petite Chic, Pam 

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  1. I love this outfit, as I said in chicisimo ^^ And the food looks delicious, I'm so hungry!