Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A fun-filled workshop

Few months ago, I started out blogging. I don't really know what came into my mind that I decided to finally have my own blog. At first I was unsure if I should push through with it since I'm not a good writer at all. I find a hard time expressing my thoughts what more to write in down. I fear that I wouldn't gain any reader. I remember way back in high school and college, every time we had to submit papers I always have to a lot weeks of sleepless nights just to conclude a paper. Such a burden! I thought. (can you relate?:p) But I told myself that if I wouldn't have the guts to try, I wouldn't really know the results. And you know where I've drawn my inspiration with? From the blogs that I read. I knew they started out with the same thoughts and feelings as mine. If they have made their blogs a continuous success over the years, why couldn't I?:)

And so here I am sharing my thoughts with you. A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be able to attend a weekend workshop hosted by Schu and Myth Boutique with guest speakers Seph Cham and Shai Lagarde of Love Chic. I didn't really expect (expect the unexpected ang peg haha) that I'd be able to join this workshop. Just tried out my luck by joining my HS friend Phya's quick giveaway and among her many readers that joined, I was that lucky to be one of her picks. I was like "oh my!! really?? :)"  That feeling of excitement, priceless! I really needed this to somehow improve my blog.  

While waiting for the guest speakers and other bloggers to come, I took advantage on their lovely collections, took photos of each so as to kill time :) 
Cute flip flops from Bling Duck, pink color stands out. So feminine :)

Can you guess what I'm eyeing for?

Love their chic belts :)

    Shai Lagarde and Seph Cham of Love Chic. Cute couple! kiliiiig :)

  Bloggers listening attentively :)

spotted! photo bombing :)) 

Workshop proper: So what does it really take to become a blogger? Can you believe that each value (good ones of course) that you learn as a person is very much applicable even in as simple as blogging?  Passion, discipline, commitment and just by simply being NICE, how you treat and approach people. Success roots from you as a person. Tried and tested by the couple :) Along with the values is your guts to start a blog (make sure to pick a name that you can easily relate to, defined by and associate with, easy to recall and type), decide on your blog layout (pick a color scheme that is easy on the eyes with readable fonts, remember: "Simplicity is beauty"), organize the contents- BE UNIQUE (think of something you can offer to your readers that nobody else can) and that's it. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be an expert on HTML/CSS nor become a pro in photography and writing. Just the basic knowledge would do. Learn to interact as well (attend fashion events, workshops etc.)

with the lovely couple Shai Lagarde and Seph Cham

With bloggers Phylicia Marie Pineda , Alyssa Yu , Kim NievesRovie Divinagracia and Arnie VillanuevaPaul Chuapongco and Sarah Tirona participated in the workshop as well but too bad weren't able to have their photos taken with me. Next time!

with Arnie Villanueva and Ana Gonzales

My friend Phya with her super friendly and approachable buddy, Alyssa :)

 Met this super nice couple, Kim and Darryl :) They were my seatmates during the entire workshop. Can't help but tell them that they would be next in line to the famous Love Chic couple! Agree? They look so cute together <3

The most exciting part in attending workshops such as this is the opportunity to meet new people, new friends :) From left-right: Karl, SefAyah and Ashley :) Also met Rejj Sibayan, just didn't have a photo with her :(

Guest speakers of Love Chic with the hosts of Schu and Myth Boutique weekend workshop:)

vain shot inside the Schu factory outlet before heading out for our outfit shots :)

Bloggers' favorite thing to do? Take outfit shots while Mr. Sun is still up :)

Can't help but get kiliiig! They were so down-to-earth! <3

Many many thanks to my friend Phya for bringing me over to this workshop! SchuMyth Boutique, Bling Duck  for the workshop and for this loot bagAlso, to the lovely couple Shai Lagarde and Seph Cham of Love Chic for generously sharing tips on fashion blogging :) Such an overwhelming experience :) Learned a lot!

Have a great week ahead! outfit posts to follow :)

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